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Mouse immunization and anti-sera production service (Taiwan)


 Absolutely Risk Free!

We guarantee that the antibody titer will be larger than 3K on dot blotting.

Please file the inquiry form and prepare to send 10 mg of your conjugated peptide to us.

There is no charge until the guaranteed titer is generated.

*** We provide 15% off for our first-time users.

 This special offer ends on Jul 31, 2003. ***



Immunization and anti-sera production & Test


12 weeks (USD 700)

  • 10 mg Conjugated peptides (KLH/OVA/BSA/MAP) are used to immunize mice.
  • Pre-immune and three immune bleeds.
  • 10 ml antiserum produced.
  • Dot blot analysis (Immunogen loaded) guarantees to reach target titer (at least 3,000x).
  • Standard COA including dot blotting analysis data.
  • Lyophilized antiserum is supplied.


Start Order Immediately by Completing the  Inquiry Form.


Animal Services

I. Rabbit Immunization and anti-sera production Service: Total 12 weeks (USD 700)

II. Mouse Immunization and anti-sera production Service: Total 12 weeks (USD 700)

Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

  • MAP Immunogen polyclonal antibody production:  Total 15 weeks (USD 1,300)

  • LAE immunogen polyclonal antibody production:  Total 16 weeks (USD 2,200)


Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

  • Hybridoma fusion and screening service: 16 weeks (USD 5,100)

  • MAP Immunogen monoclonal antibody production:  Total 19 weeks (USD 5,700)

  • LAE immunogen  monoclonal antibody production:  Total 20 weeks (USD 6,600)


Optional Services

  • MAP immunogen synthesis: 3 weeks (USD 600)

  • LAE immunogen synthesis: 3 weeks (USD 1500)

  • Purification: 2 days (USD 400)

  • Antibody Test: 1 week (USD 400)

  • Large Scale culture mAb production:  4 weeks (USD 500)