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Rabbit immunization and anti-sera production service (Taiwan)


 Absolutely Risk Free!

We guarantee that the antibody titer will be larger than 10K on western blot.

Please file the inquiry form and prepare to send 3 mg of your purified recombinant protein to us.

There is no charge until the guaranteed titer is generated.

*** We provide 15% off for our first-time users.

 This special offer ends on Jul 31, 2003. ***



Immunization and anti-sera production & Test


12 weeks (USD 700)

  • 3 mg of recombinant proteins are used to immunize rabbits.
  • Pre-immune and three immune bleeds.
  • 80-100 ml antiserum produced.
  • Western blot analysis (Immunogen loaded) guarantees to reach target titer (at least 10,000x).
  • Standard COA including western analysis data.
  • Lyophilized antiserum is supplied.


Start Order Immediately by Completing the  Inquiry Form.


Animal Services

I. Rabbit Immunization and anti-sera production Service: Total 12 weeks (USD 700)

II. Mouse Immunization and anti-sera production Service: Total 12 weeks (USD 700)

Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

  • MAP Immunogen polyclonal antibody production:  Total 15 weeks (USD 1,300)

  • LAE immunogen polyclonal antibody production:  Total 16 weeks (USD 2,200)


Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

  • Hybridoma fusion and screening service: 16 weeks (USD 5,100)

  • MAP Immunogen monoclonal antibody production:  Total 19 weeks (USD 5,700)

  • LAE immunogen  monoclonal antibody production:  Total 20 weeks (USD 6,600)


Optional Services

  • MAP immunogen synthesis: 3 weeks (USD 600)

  • LAE immunogen synthesis: 3 weeks (USD 1500)

  • Purification: 2 days (USD 400)

  • Antibody Test: 1 week (USD 400)

  • Large Scale culture mAb production:  4 weeks (USD 500)